Figuring out your wedding style!


Hello! Happy Tuesday! I just wrote a quick blog post on behalf on Pink Cloud 9 on how to figure out your wedding style! I included a few shortcuts on coming up with a theme you can carry through your wedding that is perfectly tailored to you and your fiance! Below is the gist of it! Check out the full post here!

Where did you meet? Is there a place or setting that has special meaning to you and/or your families? What is your favorite season? Answers to these questions might point you to when and where to get hitched!

What are your favorite colors? What are your favorite flowers? How have you decorated your home? What’s in your closet? Taking cues from your wardrobe and home decor can inform the formality of your wedding, color palette, flower choice, and overall design.

What do you do for fun? What is your favorite music? What food can you not live without? These are hints to what your party favors might be, what song you will walk down the aisle to, and what guests will have for dessert!

Finally, and maybe most importantly, think about who you are as a couple, and what your passions are. Do you want to continue a family tradition, include cultural heirlooms, or raise awareness for a cause? These answers can guide your decisions on the overall guest experience, food & beverage choices, and entertainment.

Use Pinterest, shelter magazines, and blogs to see what jumps out at you. You should start to see a pattern developing between images.


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