Friday Pin Crazy!

Happy Friday to all of you lovelies. This week we are all about the pale blue wedding dress. While the trend has existed for a few seasons now, the tradition of wearing something blue has been around for ages. Typically I don’t love light blue, but these gowns are just so romantic, effortless looking and gorgeous. Just love them. Take a look-see.

Pale Blue Wedding Gowns

















All Photos can be found Here!

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Pin Crazy!

Well hello there dear readers. Happy Friday! Either I am procrastinating or feeling the need to clean, but one of these days I will organize the boxes and boxes of magazine clippings I have.  One day. In the meantime, we have Pinterest. I often think, what the hell would happen if Pinterest crashed? Do they back-up our pins? I hope so. It keeps me up at night.

You may have noticed the sidebar “Wit & Wiley Crazy For”. That is where we feature what we are currently loving on Pinterest.  Check it often because it is always changing. Every Friday, I will feature what we are going crazy for within a certain category.  Right now it’s:

Abstract Art

We love color and movement. Looking at these just makes me happy. Use abstract art as a background on invites, printed on panels hung as a ceremony backdrop, or on linen table runners or napkins.












 Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

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The Wit & Wiley Look

I have been getting lots of compliments on the logo and I have to give all of the credit to Angela Scheffer of Saffron Avenue. I came across her work on pinterest and knew it was a match made in heaven. I had been searching for someone who could create something that I was really excited about and she did. In fact, it was SO hard to actually narrow the logo designs/color schemes down to 1 because I literally LOVED each and every idea. She is also responsible for the design of this here blog you see before you and will be doing my full website soon! Angela also does event branding, event logo design, and event paper goods though her other company Mint 102.  I found a gem people! Check out her work below.


Post 2_SaffronAve2


Post 2_SaffronAve Post2 Photos_SaffronAve1 Post2 Photos_SaffronAve3 Post2 Photos_SaffronAve5 Post2Photos_SaffronAve4

{images via: Saffron Avenue}


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Hello World!

Wit & Wiley has finally launched. I am so excited and I can’t believe it has happened. This business has been in the works for so long and to see it making moves is amazing! This is a perfect start to a new year! I am especially excited to create and design, meet and collaborate with new vendors and build relationships with new clients. We do honestly live and breathe design and pride ourselves on bringing a little cheeky (such a great British word) into each event and environment we create. Our inside motto is perfectly summed up in the print below by Scott Albrecht . Cheers to 2013 and to the start of some weird adventures!

POST 1_image

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